Hi, I'm Tristan.

I'm Tristan a Java and Mobile app developer, I explore interactive sketches, procedural/auto-generating design and physics in virtual worlds. I mainly use Processing / Java, and Unity3D (C#) for my personal projects. I also like DIY projects like building my own keyboard or assembling a 3D Printer. I love skiing, video games and Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

Things I Can Do

If you want to know more about my professional skill, please consult my LinkedIn profile : LinkedIn

  • Write all the code
  • "Do" DevOps
  • Fix all the bugs
  • Drink much coffee
  • CI and unit testing
  • Create useless but cool things

A Few Accomplishments

Professional Accomplishments

More about my professional story and Accomplishent.

3D Print - Sentinel of No Man's Sky

Journey of my 3D printing sentinel of No Man's Sky

Game Jam-#8 - « Aquatic Tentacles »

This game was develop as part of GameDevParty # 8 . 72h to develop a video game. Three days during which a team of random person must design , develop the game.

The project was realized with Unity can be imported directly. Github repo : Unity

Procedural tree generation

Procedural generation is generating content algorithmically rather than manually. This sketch, write in Java/Processing, uses this principle to generates a new tree each instanciation.

Barnes-Hut-Algorithm [Unity - C#]

This simulator uses the Barnes-Hut algorithm to simulate gravity on n bodies. It is notable for having order O(n log n) compared to a direct-sum algorithm which would be O(n2).

DIY Arduino Plotter

Image analysis and Home-made arduino Plotter.

Space Invader

Space Invader clone write in Java/processing, with no sprites. End of 2014 I recode the sketch, with OOP approach, it will be easyer to use.

Unity: Adventure Time 2D platformer and other unity sketch

Adventure Time 2D platformer with Unity, I'm trying to code basic platformer behavior. (Work In Progress)
Github repository : Unity